Light of the World, yes you

Matthew 5:14-16 (NIV)
14 You are the light of the world

This simple statement says it all.
This is who you are.
This is what you are. 

It is your identity. 
There is nothing more important, individually or corporately.You are light. 

You are hope. 
You are the answer and you beg the question. 
People will look at you and wonder. 

They will see the light that you have. 
In their minds and in their spirits they will ask the question.
They will want to know what you have. 

They will perceive that you are not from the same culture.
When Jesus said this He didn’t qualify it. 
He didn’t say you will become the light of the world when you are good enough. 

No, you are that light right now. 
That is what you are not what you are going to be. 
How brightly you shine is up to you. 

This light expels the darkness and attracts people. 
It is the very light of heaven in you. 
It is the glory of God in you. 

They will see Him in you and that is how it is meant to be. 
They will love you because they love Him first. 
They will hate you because they hate Him first. 

Let people see and experience the light that is in you. 
Believe that you are the light to the world. 
The words you have will bring life. 

They will bring encouragement. 
The love that will emanate from you will be His love flowing through you. 
The world is looking for answers. 

They want more than mere words.
They want a demonstration. 
Something they can touch. 

Something they can see as well as hear. 
You have that within you. 
The answer, complete and unabridged. 

You lack nothing because He that lives in you lacks nothing. 
That is why we can say ‘nothing is impossible’. 
With confidence we say ‘all things are possible’.

Simply because it is not us alone but it is Him in us. 
The beauty and genius of this is that He is quite happy to use flawed and broken people. 
If you have made mistakes or messed up you instantly qualify.

The light that shines in you is His light. 
It isn’t a dimmed, weak or ineffective light. 
It isn’t a broken bulb. 

It is the light of His glory. 
It is His kingdom seen. 
An expression of His love and His joy. 

It is the light of the good news that He cares passionately about every single person. 
The world deserves an encounter with Him. 
There is so much darkness where the enemy has had a field day. 

destroying people’s lives and relationships. 
He wants to heal and restore. 
He is going to do it through you.
He has a cunning plan.

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A life less ordinary

“Therefore, I tell you, her many sins have been forgiven—as her great love has shown. But whoever has been forgiven little loves little”
(Luke 7v47 NIV)

Don’t love little, draw closer to Him and you will see how much He loves you. 
Remind yourself what He has done for you.
Imagine life without Him, that should get you.

You can do nothing but be undone by it. 
The closer you are the more you cannot help love Him. 
Deliberately and intentionally spending time with Him, drawing close to Him will change everything.

Ask Him what love looks like? 
It might be different to what you might call love. 
Describe in your own words why you love Him and how you show your love to Him. 

It is for you to search out what that love looks like. 
It isn’t necessarily what you do in terms of serving in the church but that can be part of it. 
You live for Him.

There is no other kind of life.

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Let Him be the measure of you

She did what she could. She poured perfume on my body beforehand to prepare for my burial.
(Mark 14v8)

Do what you can, do not measure yourself against anyone else.
Do not beat yourself up but rather accept His forgiveness for what it is.
Unite yourself with Him and love Him with all your heart, nothing else really matters.

If you compare yourself to others, stop it.
Do you feel as if you let Him down, disappoint Him or underachieved?
Remember that you did nothing to earn His love.

Ask Him what He thinks about you.
Ask Him how He feels about you.
Ask Him what He wants you to do, today and in the future.

Write down what He wants you to do.
Find out what pleases Him.
You are a pleasure and delight to Him.

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He delights in you

When she poured this perfume on my body, she did it to prepare me for burial
(Matthew 26v12)

Jesus knew the significance of what she was doing.
Even if she didn’t.
She was preparing Him.
She was also prepared for Him.
He recognised it as a sign of what was to come.

Are you ready for what is to come?
It wasn’t some random act.
This wasn’t Jesus being morbid about His future.
He recognised what His mission and purpose was.
He was doing it out of love.

What He was about to do was the most extravagant act of love ever in the history of the universe and yet all that the disciples and those in the room could do was grumble.

When you come together to worship do you grumble?
The significance of what was happening and about to happen was completely lost on them.
Don’t make the same mistake when you see people doing any acts of kindness.
The significance is not lost on Jesus even if it is lost on us.

God sees it all and rejoices over what we often miss.
What we consider as irrelevant or inconsequential God sees as important and significant.
What we may consider a great achievement will often not impress God.

We have a simple instruction, find out what pleases Him. Find out what makes His heart sing for joy.
What you find may surprise you.

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Free to serve

This perfume could have been sold at a high price and the money given to the poor.
(Matthew 26v9)

They could only see monetary value in what she had.
To Jesus it was an act of love and devotion.
Don’t let money be your measure.
Love should be the driving force that motivates you.
Don’t even be driven by need.
There is always more need than you can possibly meet.
Look to Him who is the solution to your deepest needs.
He is also their salvation not just yours.

The question is: what do you value the most?
The need to work to earn money to live is all consuming.
Give a thought to what the creator wants and let Him supply your need.
Seek Him first before anything else.
What would you do if money was no object?
What would you attempt if you couldn’t fail?
You are free to serve Him no matter what.

Let everything you have be His.
Your time.
Your money.
Your energy.
Your thoughts.
Your affection.
Your attention.

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Be disciplined. That is more than routine. Discipline is pulling away from wandering off doing your own thing, getting distracted and keeping on the path you are on with Him. Do this every day, we have a tendency to wander.

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You have gold in you

When the disciples saw this, they were indignant. “Why this waste?” they asked.
(Matthew 26v8)

No love offering made to God should be looked down on.
He accepts it and so should you.
You can demonstrate your love for Him by loving everyone around you and do it unconditionally.
Not because they may deserve it and certainly not because it may make you feel good.
There is no place for sentimentality.

The extravagant expression of love by this woman revealed her heart.
It also exposed the hardness of the hearts of those in the room.
Watch and guard your heart as others express their love for Him their way.

Always see the good and the gold in people.
Love them as He loves them.
See them as He sees them.
Love them deeply.

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He desires you above all

…a woman came to him with an alabaster jar of very expensive perfume, which she poured on his head as he was reclining at the table (Matthew 26v7 NIV)

Every offering you make to God is special.
Give Him what you have, not what you don’t have.
No matter how small or big.

What He desires is the offering from the heart.
When you offer ourselves you are giving Him the devotion of your heart.
He is getting what He deserves.
It is what He desires above all, you.
Love Him with what you have.
For those that love little give little.
It will cost but don’t call it a sacrifice.
He loves you unconditionally so love Him back no matter how you may feel.

He loves imperfect people perfectly.
Don’t let your feelings talk you out of offering your worship to Him.
What have you got that you can give to Him?
Is there anything you are holding back from Him?
Ask Him what He wants you to give to Him?
When He asks you to do something there may well be hurdles to get over.
Don’t let them stop you, with God there is always a way.
He will show you how if you take the time to listen.

Whatever you do for Him do it with your whole heart.
There is no room for halfheartedness.

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You are priceless

While Jesus was in Bethany in the home of Simon the Leper,

(Matthew 26v6 NIV)

Your identity isn’t in your name, nor in your job but in Him.
Jesus loves to spend time with you.
Nothing is too much bother because you are priceless to Him.
It has nothing to do with whether you are working class, middle class or upper class.
Whether you are unemployed or have a career as a top flight executive.
It has little if anything to do with your achievements or your failings.
Simon (in this account) was described as a leper.
This is not a great title to have linked to your name.

A leper was the lowest of the low.
He would’ve been a social outcast and a member of the unclean.
But He was loved by Jesus.
So no matter what you have done in the past you are never too far away from experiencing His love.
He is happy to visit you and hang out with you.
To talk and eat with you.
Nothing you have ever done can shock Him.
What is your identity in?
How would you describe yourself?
He has long term plans for you that may look completely different to where you are now.

Don’t dismiss as preposterous anything that God says just because it doesn’t resonate at the moment.
Ask Him how He sees you.
He knows you better than you know yourself.
He knows your true identity.

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Your true reality

He wants you to believe what He says about you. Believe in Him all the time not just when you feel good about yourself. His love and compassion for you isn’t based on how He feels, He doesn’t have moods except one, a good one. Your trust in Him should be firmly based in His love not on your circumstances, so never give up hope.

Chose to believe that He has got good things in store for you. He doesn’t see any situation as hopeless. See it from His perspective. Make it your aim to believe in His goodness every single day and don’t let your feelings determine your reality. Let your feelings catch up with His reality. He is looking to see who truly believes Him, this is evident when you face challenging situations. There is no problem too great for God and He can work the most amazing miracles. They are His speciality. The issue is, are you pursuing Him? Are you keeping your eyes on Him? Are you rejoicing in Him?

Persevere, keep on seeking, knocking and asking, if you asked once ask again, and again and again. If you believe that He has given you the answer then rejoice whatever the answer may be. He has spoken and that should be enough.

He is for you, 100%. You are His child so why wouldn’t He be for you. The problem is not on His side. It never was and it will never be. Run to Him for His arms are open wide and He welcomes you into His loving embrace. He has not given up on you so don’t give up on yourself. Faith is ‘believing in action’, it will look like something, not just nice thoughts or a woolly feeling. Don’t let anything drag you away from Him.

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