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The second blessing

“This is how it will be with whoever stores up things for themselves but is not rich toward God.” (Luke 12v21 NIV) Notice that Jesus didn't say any mention about giving to the poor.  It is nothing about helping those in need.  You could argue that it was implied.  But that is an assumption we can easily make but it isn't what He said.  There are two questions here… What does He mean by 'this is how it will be…'? How can we or how should we be rich towards God?  The man may have died prematurely.  But we all

We are a body of Christians who have come from a diverse mix of backgrounds, but together we have found a common love and passion for Jesus. We are working to see the Kingdom of Heaven increased here on earth Our desire is to see the demonstration of the tangible love and power of God.

We are a church of worshippers who value God’s presence above everything else. We believe that He is constantly speaking through the prophetic word and a demonstration of the gifts of the Spirit for the building, equipping of the whole body of Christ. We believe that He is still very active in our daily lives helping us to be a blessing to the world around us as we are led by His Holy Spirit.

Important information

After the 1st April 2018 (Easter Sunday) we will no longer be meeting at Wesley Centre. From the 8th April onwards we will be meeting together in various locations, for various purposes exploring His Ekklesia. If you want to contact us then phone the church office or email us.

Testimony Week #6

A healed back A lady in our church hurt her back while at the gym lifting weights. She was in a lot of pain and struggled to even get her shoes on. After prayer that night from other christians in the church she found that the next day the pain had all but gone and was able to go back to the gym and exercise as normal. The back has remained healed. Job at last Someone who had been looking and praying for a permananent job for three years has finally been given one. This is an answer to prayer

Love looks like something