We are a body of Christians who have come from a diverse mix of backgrounds, but together we have found a common love and passion for Jesus. We are working to see the Kingdom of Heaven increased here on earth Our desire is to see the demonstration of the tangible love and power of God.

We are a church of worshippers who value God’s presence above everything else. We believe that He is constantly speaking through the prophetic word and a demonstration of the gifts of the Spirit for the building, equipping of the whole body of Christ. We believe that He is still very active in our daily lives helping us to be a blessing to the world around us as we are led by His Holy Spirit.

This week…


1 Your are wonderful
2 Your True Reality
3 A divine tapestry
4 Palms of His hands
5 The truth about you
6 The bigger jigsaw

Soaking music

This is a selection of music to soak or meditate as you sit in His presence. It has been especially composed for this purpose. You can listen to a selection for free on soundcloud (need to download the app) or by the album ‘Renewing The Mind’ from iTunes.

Link to Renewing The Mind in iTunes click on the link below…

iTunes: Renewing The Mind by SML

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#6 You live for Him not your emotions

“The poor you will always have with you, but you will not always have me.” (Matthew 26v11 NIV)

This wasn’t Jesus being callous.

These words were in the context of where they were and what was around them.

Bethany was a place for the poor, the unclean, the outcast and sick.

The point Jesus was making was that we should honour Him first.

Seek His kingdom first.

Then you will have the means and the resources to help others.

You are to love them with His love not to satisfy your own emotional needs.

He wasn’t saying don’t care for the poor.

Just avoid substituting works of service for true worship.

It is not either/or, it is both.

Worship comes first as you offer yourself to Him.

He cares about the poor more than you could ever do.

Do you feel the urge to help someone just because they are in need?

Do you do it from an emotional response or do you do it because He has prompted you?

Can you tell the difference?

List all the things you are currently involved in.

Ask Him whether you should be doing them.

This could be very hard because you may feel that you may be letting people down.

If you feel guilty, stop it.

You are living for Him not for your emotions!

From “Wipe His Feet with your Tears” by Warren George

Be encouraged…

Be encouraged, He has forgiven your sins, He loves you and wants the best for you. He wants you to thrive and succeed. He knows what is best for you and wants you to enjoy Him, fully and completely. He wants nothing more than to have a deep and meaningful relationship with you. He is not trying to get you to do something but to be who you really are. He made you and He knows how you work. Listen to Him, spend time with Him, He is kinder, more loving than you can ever imagine. He will accept you as you are but loves you too much to leave you like that.

Jesus is just so passionate about you even more than you are.

Testimony week 7

After a long day, at altitude, jet lag and lack of sleep went to fill the car up at a petrol station and put the debit card in the wrong slot. Put it the receipt by mistake. It is not that we haven’t done this a million times but... so stood there thinking what we were going to do so I prayed, asking God to help, the owner came out and could not get the card so I declared ‘there is a solution’ but it was not looking promising. He left us with a paper clip and a large plastic

Love looks like something