Everything was paid for. That means you get everything He has because you are not a slave but His son. You inherit everything He has. Do not think anything you give away or sell as loss but as an investment in obtaining your inheritance. The more that dies to self-interest the more of you that comes alive. Instead of being focussed on the here and now, you have an eternal perspective which changes everything. You gain increasing favour with Him as you persist and persevere. As you overcome you grow in stature in His eyes.

Heaven rejoices when they see you win any victory, small or big. Keep moving forward don’t settle for ‘that’ll do’, don’t let enough be enough. His government, power rule and reign is increasing as you increase in stature. Don’t think small and provincial. Think big and worldwide. You may start as small as a person who doesn’t see what he or she is capable of. What He sees is a leader. You will lead something, even if it is just yourself. Leadership is more than a title or position.

You have been bought with the most precious blood of Jesus. That blood wasn’t for nothing. You cannot afford to be lukewarm. So be hot. Be on fire. Be passionate for Him. Don’t believe the lie that you’re not able or of little consequence. You are more than able because He is able and He says you are.

He is faithful and true. Be faithful to Him. Be full of faith and believe the truth. Do not allow one lie of the enemy to have a place of residence in your head or your heart. Contend for the truth. Tell people how much He loves them. Tell them about His goodness and kindness. Demonstrate His goodness. Fear Him but do not be afraid to get close to Him.

As you grow in favour with people and with Him, ask whatever you wish and it will be done for you. You will find people compelled to help you but they will not really understand why. Just enjoy the mystery in all this. He is bringing to pass what He has had in His heart all along. He wants all people, everywhere, to see His glory.