Do you not know nor perceive the times that you are in, although they are dark a great light has shone. You are His light to light up the world. You consider yourself nothing in your eyes but did He not say that in weakness He is powerful. When you are weak then His power is displayed. True weakness is humility, this is where you have come to the end of yourself. Where you cannot go one more step, where you feel like throwing in the towel. Yet you still worship and continue knowing He is your all sufficiency.

He has plans for you to put you in strategic positions to bring about those changes. Don’t hesitate to take them. You will definitely feel out of your depth but you will be given the words to speak and you will demonstrate His goodness and His power. He will confirm your word with signs and wonders. Up until now you may have had an unremarkable career but that will change in Him and it will make your head spin. Others will wonder how you got there. For His favour will rest on you. You will know His power and you will know His favour.

You may feel helpless and hopeless right now as if the forces of darkness are having a field day. Making you feel a failure. This is the time to take action and make sure that your communication and fellowship with God is maintained, protected and even strengthened as if nothing else matters.

Through rejoicing and worship you keep the supply lines open. It is all on your end of things not His. That is why it is so so important to count it pure joy when you face various trials and to rejoice always and whether you feel like it or not. You are being upgraded when you do. The enemy looks on in dismay. The hosts of demons are trembling at the sound of your voice. The angels, however, are rejoicing and The Holy Spirit is getting very excited.

The Holy Spirit likes to be busy, so listen to Him and let Him do the talking. When the time is right just open your mouth and He will fill it. Stretch out your hand and He will perform the signs, wonders and miracles. Watch and pray. Keep your eyes open, your ears attentive and alert to the sound of His voice. Talk to Him constantly. Ask Him all sorts of questions, remember to take your requests to Him. He is listening to you.