God has forgiven every sin past, present or future. He doesn’t weigh in the balance if the good bits out weigh the bad bits. You might well do that. He has dealt with all the bad bits through the blood of Jesus. Does this mean that we can sin as much as we want. If you are asking that question you have missed the point. If you do then you will face the consequences of your actions. It will mean that this life that He gave you in the first place will count for nothing. You won’t live life to the full, in full measure, running over.

Your life is not enhanced by sin. You were made, designed not to sin. It is your default setting. Your natural DNA is to do what is right. You have to deliberately work against the original design of your lives in order to sin. When you encounter Him you encounter His love and forgiveness and His grace. When you receive His grace you never earned it and never will. So what would entice you away from knowing His love? He has given you everything to live in the joy of His salvation, you have no excuses. However we are imperfect, there are forces at work to make you trip up, fall and give up.

God never condemns you. The enemy has only one aim in mind to disrupt your relationship with Him. The enemy will exploit every weakness in you, every flaw and any opportunity. So no matter what happens keep your connection with Him sacred and strong.

Do you sin? Do you fail? Do you feel that you let God down? Are you disappointed in yourself? Do you consider yourself a failure?Do you feel guilty? Do you feel ashamed? Do you think God is a little bit disappointed in you? Do you feel God couldn’t possibly use you? Do you feel that you have missed out because you haven’t been good enough? Do you feel dirty and unclean?

These feelings aren’t shared by Him. They don’t give you a licence to sin but they shouldn’t stop you from approaching Him. He knows and there is no condemnation. So if that is the case does it matter if we sin or not? Yes, very much. Although He doesn’t condemn us, we condemn ourselves, the enemy can accuse us, and the whole process makes our walk with Him so much harder. Sin will rob us of our inheritance and that is why God hates it so much. It breaks our relationship with Him but only from our side. He is so good that He will help you overcome yourself. He will help you overcome the world and everything it can throw against you. He wants you to be free and will move heaven and earth to help you.

Every single person is very special and extremely precious to him. You are exceedingly precious to Him. That means everyone you see or meet whether in church, at work, waiting for a bus or randomly walking past you are also special. Remember how He feels about them.