You are preparing the way for others to follow. You are a pioneer, a follower of Jesus not a follower of men and their ideas. Too many think they have to be strong and hide their weaknesses behind a facade. Being vulnerable isn’t being weak, quite the opposite. Don’t miss out on His glory, for when you recognise your lack He fills it with His glory. You may end up perpetuating something that limits the work of grace in you.

If this is true your spirit will feel disconnected and can make you feel weary. You cannot serve two masters, it will exhaust you. You can only serve Him and Him alone. He has called you to Himself and He is a very jealous God. The busyness of life and the lure of entertainment is trying to drown out your calling. Not everyone can hear this, so remain steadfast. It isn’t easy but there are rich rewards if you overcome and stay the course.

He wants a people who hunger and thirst after righteousness. He is seeking those who seek the truth. It is not possible to enter into all that He has unless you have a humble heart. Your very existence should depend on getting fed by Him, daily. Only that way He can ensure that you get the right food. Not what someone else thinks you need. People can, with the best of intentions, force feed you what has no nutritional value to you at all. He will feed you what you need.

Your issues will be dealt with, simply because they they interrupt His will for your best. The process can sometimes be painful but necessary. To complete the course you have to be strong in Him not in you. He will release grace and favour to you but in the meanwhile your job is to rejoice in everything and at all times. So count every trial with joy, with an expectation of good coming out of it. Simply rejoice. He is your redeemer. He is your deliverer. He is your provider. He will not leave you as an orphan without hope or help.

The story of the prodigal son shows the true nature of God and the fallen nature of man. The younger son changed his attitude and was ready to work and serve His father. This was despite his entitlement issues. He received grace, something he didn’t deserve and wasn’t automatically entitled to. Both sons had the same inheritance but only one received grace when he finally humbled himself and made himself vulnerable.