You can’t touch Him nor see Him and yet you love Him. How is it possible to believe in someone or something you can’t see or touch?

It is not meant to be a deep or philosophical question? It is intended to make you think. We take so much for granted that we never stop to reflect on what we believe or why believe it. The good thing is that He wants you to ask those sort of questions. He has wonderful life rich answers for you. He wants to bring you into a real and meaningful relationship with Him. He has made you to be something wonderful.

This heavenly creativity hasn’t stopped even though we think it was finished a long time ago. What you see when you look in the mirror is not the finished article. You are becoming what you were all along. The finished article is with Him. Hidden in Him. He sees you standing before Him without spot or blemish. That is how He sees you. That is the you He talks to. He sees you perfect without any flaws.

Your mind struggles to comprehend it. It is complete and yet it is still in process. He is simply transforming you into what you already are. It is up to you to allow that transformation. Don’t resist it. It is the most natural thing in the world. You are becoming more and more like Him every day. That is a good thing.

That is why He says ‘be perfect as I am perfect’. He asks you to be an ‘imitator of God’. Why? Because that is who you really are. He doesn’t set you up to fail. That is not in His nature. You won’t fully appreciate it yet but you will. That is also why faith and trust is so important. It is so misunderstood. It is not the faith to get something done. It is not the faith to receive a gift.

The faith He want to see is that which brings the real you into existence. That faith has already been given to you, to everyone. It is His faith. He wants a glorious bride not an army of clones. He created each of us to be different with unique qualities that are to benefit others.

He is expressing Himself through the church. Through His beloved people and that is why He is so excited. He is so full of hope and joy because He knows what is to come. So your job is simple, rejoice with Him and make Him happy.