Enter into His presence and He will never leave you. You know that it is more than a feeling, it is a life long relationship of the most intimate sort. You don’t look back because your past is not your reality anymore. You will see the striving as you sought to please people. He is your future and your future is in Him. He has created a path for you to follow which leads only to Him. To a place, the threshold of His Kingdom. It is most likely that you haven’t done more than touch the surface of His kingdom. You have glimpsed it but now it is now time to enter in.

To experience the fullness of His power and His majesty there must be an act or response of your will. His Spirit lives in you and He will motivate you to do that. His majestic essence lives in you. It wars against your flesh but as you take hold of your flesh and bring it under subjection then you start to experience His kingdom reality as you rise above it. You are to be an encouragement to everyone. That is to be your mission and ministry whatever it looks like. They will acknowledge that He is truly with you if you are truly with Him. As you continue your walk with Him those who know you will recognise the transformation that has taken place and others will not always appreciate the journey you are on.

His grace continually extends to you and you are to grow strong in His grace. Challenges will present opportunities to you. Even the impossible will appear possible. Whatever you turn your hand to will prosper and you will feel successful. What He calls successful is not what the world calls successful. He will keep some things in reserve for the future which will keep your focus on Him not what you are doing. It does means you will still need the help and support of others but you won’t be dependent on them. He wants you to be dependent on Him and Him alone. He will chooses to use others to help you along the way and vice versa.