The solution is very, very simple all you need to do is worship. You can’t worry and worship at the same time. If you are still worrying you aren’t worshipping. As you worship you become stronger.

When you worship your spirit is to the forefront. That is why it is good to worship throughout the day. Everything you do should and can be your act of worship. It is an act of your will. Your work and pleasure can be worship. It is what comes from you. Just putting a CD on is not worship. Just singing is not worship. Music is vital, singing can very often be a deep form of worship but it is much, much more than even that.

It is up to you to do it. If you thank Him in a difficult or impossible situation you have just handed it to Him. If He wants you to be part of the solution He will tell you. He loves demonstrating that He is God but we sometimes try to help Him out or push it along a bit, as if He needs your help. He cannot show His glory if your fingerprints are all over it, take your hands off it and let Him, He loves doing it.

Just see what He can do. Just see what He will do. Knowing His nature and His heart gives you confidence to let go and let God. That revelation helps you to trust Him and believe in Him. Worry is unbelief in its purest form and to repent from worry is to change the way you think about things. You cannot battle your thoughts nor can you battle your emotions. That just creates internal war. You overcome through listening to Him. You renew your thinking in the light of His revelation to you. This is more than head knowledge or the power of positive thinking. You will also be transformed through worshipping, praising and giving thanks, these are your passports to abundant life. There are no short cuts, there are no holes in the fence, the only way in is through Him. He is The Truth, not The Works or The Effort or The Worrier.