Worry is often seen as an acceptable sin, a simple consequence of daily life. Who is going to help? You are! Yes you, make worry a thing of the past. Demonstrate it by being a person of peace, for He is the God of peace and you are just like Him. See everything from His perspective and keep a sense of perspective.

It is not difficult for Him to shield you from all the challenges of life, but He doesn’t and He does that because He wants you to know how great He is. This is so that your faith and trust is in Him not in your environment or your ability to control or manipulate those around you. To do that you need to turn your eyes off the problem and onto the solution. The solution isn’t you it is Him and Him alone. That is the hardest thing you will ever have to do. It sounds so simple till you come to do it and let go.

Nobody can get to the full measure of how good He really is. Some believe more than others. So be one of those who will allow Him to show you and the world just how good He really is. It is time for the world to see it and see Him. It is showtime!