He knows what He is doing and He wants to do it through you rather than you doing it for Him

On a sailing boat you are not going to get very far if there is no wind. There is a wind coming which will blow you to your destination. You will still need guidance on the best course to take. A strong breeze can shipwreck you if you are taking the wrong course. As you follow the signs you will make course settings which may leave you baffled. You may feel that you are going in the wrong direction. Other people may be surprised or even critical of the decisions you make. The decisions you make and the focus of your life will be for Him and inspired by Him, not you and certainly not to meet other people’s expectations. You cannot please yourself, other people and God all the time, choose one.

Don’t be surprised if people try to coax you back. Listen to His Spirit and be willing to set the sails accordingly. Steering the course He sets you. It will be tempting, because it is easier, to follow what everyone else is doing. You won’t be alone, you will find others going in the same direction but even if you don’t keep going for He is with you and that is all that matters. Saying that you will find people with the same passion as you, He will make sure of that. Just don’t wait for others, start your own journey. He will be your everything.

Do not worry about those who do not have the same passion for Jesus. They are not lost to Him for He will keep an eye on them. But as for you, follow Him.

The harvest is ripe and the harvester is going out into the field. You are to gather the harvest as it falls to the ground. Tie it into sheaves and make ready for collection. The fruit of your labour is not the labour but in the waiting and fellowshipping with Him. This can be frustrating as you naturally want to be doing something to justify yourself. That pressure does not come from Him. It is a worldly view which you have to resist. Put away any notion that He is impressed with anything you achieve or list as successes.

His desire is that everyone reaches their potential and fulfils His created plan for them. It is the destiny He has already mapped for them. His desire is that no-one perishes and that everyone has a purpose. People are worn out with the effort trying to do His job for Him. Just let Him get on with it, He needs you there to be His mouth and hands. You can’t do anything to make the wind blow but you can be ready the gust comes. Let Him show you what He is willing to do.

He knows what He is doing and He wants to do it through you rather than you doing it for Him.