What is He really like? We try to build up a mental picture of what He is really like. The Sunday morning service should be a time to worship God together, the accumulation of your daily act of worship not the only time you give a thought to Him. It is not just to sing a few nice songs to make you feel good inside. Instead, offer a sacrifice of praise and do what makes Him feel good. Seek, in all your meetings and gatherings, to please Him and Him alone. Make the reason for doing anything and everything all to do with Him. Give Him everything not just a few minutes and a few coppers.

If you read or study your bible, do it to find His heart. If you want to know what He is really like you are going to need to experience Him first hand not second hand from someone else. If you were confident of what He is like you would have no trouble trusting Him. We have difficulties because it often ‘feels’ like it’s just a concept or idea. If He is really that good, then what is going to be your response? Do you know what He thinks about you? If you don’t know then you really do need to find out and find out quickly.