You will overcome. God has given you the insight you need. He has a strategy. The war has been won but the battle for you still rages. It will not go away by ignoring it. The challenges will not stop. But their grip and control over you will diminish. Circumstances will not overwhelm you neither will they define your destiny.

If you fall or trip up. Just get back up again. You are made for victory, not failure. Worship Him, praise Him and rejoice. Fill your heart, your words and your thoughts with gratitude. That is your mandate. Those are your weapons of war. Intimacy with Him is what really what the enemy fears the most and attacks first.

It is your primary purpose to rest in Him and enjoy your walk with Him. Do you believe that He wants you to enjoy your walk with Him? Does it seem too good to be true? He has news for you and it is good news. It isn’t too good to be true because it is true. You are meant to show people just how good He is. It is not a matter of trying to impress Him. He is not easily impressed. Nor can you manipulate Him. You certainly cannot control Him. Emotional blackmail doesn’t work either.

You will find Him for yourself. There will be no filtering. You will know His heart and His ways. The Holy Spirit will show you Himself. Remember, He rejoices over you. He takes great delight in you. He wants you to enjoy your relationship with Him.

To walk in truth. To teach others and show them. Demonstrating what it looks like to walk with Him every day.