His heart yearns and aches for intimate loving relationship. This is where you have deep discussions and you share your heart with Him and likewise with you. You will walk with Him and commune with Him all day. You will perform signs and wonders as if they are normal and an everyday thing. Through you He can bless many people. They will be grateful for your commitment to Him. You will pave a way through the world. Walking through a jungle of suffocating weeds and bring His people to a safe place of freedom. Like a wide open space to breathe and be refreshed in.

You are to enjoy an abundance of life. He promises you abundant joy, peace and righteousness. He will give you way too much so you will be able to give it away. He is to give you a spirit of joy that will break the spirit of despair that is on people. As you worship Him you fall into His arms and you worship together with Him in perfect harmony. There is to be no more striving to please Him. To please Him will be natural and normal. It will be your default setting.It will come from the heart. It will be in every fibre of your being.

Be fully convinced He has said this about you. Be prepared to enjoy the fruit of your love for Him. The sacrifice of praise.