Imagine walking with Jesus on a beach, just chatting and talking. Wearing nothing but a long robe, then you become acutely aware that the robe you are wearing looks dirty, stained and filthy. You look at Jesus and his robe is white, spotless and bright. You push Him away and try to walk in a different direction away from Him but He continues to walk with you. You tell Him to go away because you are dirty compared to Him, He looks at you and He says “What dirt?, I only see you dressed in the same as Me”. You look at yourself through His eyes and see yourself in a white, clean robe.

God is God. He is isn’t unaware, blind or deaf. He knows about your sin. He knows when and where you have messed up. He just choses not to look at it and not to treat you accordingly. Your robe has been washed with the best detergent there is, it is called ‘the blood of Jesus’. It can remove every stain, again and again. You cannot remove it yourself, you have to go to the cross to get it cleaned.

He chooses not to see you or treat you as you deserve but instead gives you what you don’t deserve. His grace makes access to the cross possible, all you have to do is walk to the foot of the cross and allow His blood to wash you clean. Repentance is all about seeing yourself as He sees you. Changing your thoughts about yourself in the light of His goodness.