He is fulfilling the vows and promises He has made to you. What He has spoken to you in the past He still intends to do. He is waiting for you as you wait for Him. His words will be fulfilled and are being fulfilled. He doesn’t make promises He doesn’t keep. His promises are like a reservoir, that has been fed by many streams over the years, it is steadily filling up. Now it is getting full. As the gates are opened and the water released, power is generated. Be still, be ready, be willing and be faithful. There can be no striving just let it flow from within you. It will be effortless yet the impact will be devastating.

He inhabits the praises of His people and enjoys your worship. As you worship draw close to Him. Don’t worship from afar as if He is from a distant land. Draw near to His heart and feel His deep passion for you. Don’t treat Him as a visiting speaker, treat Him as your King.

He speaks so that you may hear. If you do not hear His voice how will they ever know what His desire is for you. So open your ears and eyes.