Do you believe that you can you bring significant change? The world says if you believe in yourself then anything is possible. What we say is that if you believe in God anything is possible. That way it is not dependant on you. God believes in you. You have a clear choice every day. To believe what God says about you or to believe lies about yourself. How do you know the difference? Simple. What God says about you is true, everything is either a lie or at best a distortion. So, in an indirect way you too should believe in yourself, at least the you He describes.

Unless you believe you won’t persevere. Don’t live your life through someone else. Don’t compare yourself, He didn’t make two of you. Don’t be a copy, the original you is good enough for Him. The world is waiting to see the real ‘you’ show up. He created you for the benefit of this world. To make it a better place. Now is the time to believe in Him and believe in all that He created you to be. For it was His good pleasure to create you. He doesn’t (and didn’t) do a bad job. Neither does He do a half finished job.

If you have believed lies about yourself you are very much not alone. You may believe that you have little or much to offer. He thinks you were worth dying for and your words are worth listening to. He listens to you.