I am your comforter
Take no other comfort
For I will guide you
Protect and serve you
Love you
Don’t allow anyone to tell you differently
I am not disappointed in you
You have not failed Me
I know you
And I know who you are
Let Me show you who you are
That you are well loved
And cared for
I love My sheep
I protect those who graze in My pasture
I love those who listens to My voice
Listen with ears that hear
I am good not angry
I know what you are like
I know what you have gone through
I do not see you are having failed
You cannot fail Me
My grace is sufficient
Yet will you listen?
Listen to Me
Or listen to others?
You have that choice
The decision is yours and yours alone
You can’t impress Me so don’t try
Rest in Me
Graze in My pasture