“He will fill your mind with thoughts of hope”

God’s desire is that everything should be done from a position of joy and hope. This joy is how you should tackle every problem and every challenge. Lack of joy usually means we don’t see His purpose in what we are doing. Joy creates an optimistic and hope filled attitude. This is the kind of joy that doesn’t require superhuman effort. It creates peace in every cell of your being.

Jesus doesn’t want your life to be unbearable. He came to give you life and life in abundance. If that is not how you are feeling He doesn’t condemn you for that. Don’t pretend that everything is OK when it clearly isn’t. Do something about it. Find out what is at the root of the problem. Go to Him and be completely honest and find out what His purpose is for you at this moment in time.

Don’t be afraid to ask God some hard questions as long as you are willing to receive some hard answers. King David bared his soul and expressed how he felt without fear of rejection or condemnation. God loved him for that. He will love you for it as well if you do the same.

If hope seems to ebb away from you then there must be a hole or a leak somewhere. Find where the hole is and with His help seal it up. Don’t haemorrhage hope and think that is just part of life. I can assure you it is not. Neither does He think it is acceptable to worry being an acceptable social norm. Don’t be afraid to ask Him why you feel like you do. Let Him show you the cause or the root. Very often that is all you need to know.

You are not broken He is simply realigning you. He is being a father to you and a good one at that. Go to Him, run to Him, don’t hide yourself away. As He restored sight to the blind He will also give you insight into what is happening. Most importantly He will show you the steps you can take to do something about it.

Asking the question ‘Why?’ is such a powerful question. It doesn’t mean you are challenging God. It simply means you are asking the right question. Just sit at His feet and listen to Him. Dialogue with Him. His words will be healing and health to you.

He will fill your mind with thoughts of hope and your heart will burn with passion and faith. You will be able to carry this hope to others and your faith will be an inspiration for others.