There is no limit to His kindness. If you believe you will see it. So believe in Him. Trust in Him and accept that He is the living God. He is The Creator. He is not a figment of your imagination. He is not an explanation for the universe but neither does anything make sense without Him.

So many have spoken faith and not believed in their hearts. A culture of unbelief is created. Accepting that to talk about it is one thing to act on it and believe it is another. That is the accepted norm. That is the challenge you face. People caution moderation. There is so much teaching. Who is going to demonstrate? How can you teach something you have not experienced. How can you show someone the way if you have not been there yourself.

You can get information about a foreign country simply by reading about it. You can even seem very knowledgeable, sound like an expert. Yet if you have never been there you are lacking first hand experience. God wants you to experience His kingdom first hand. The sights, the smells and the sounds. Your relationship is with the living God not a book. He is more than words. He wants you to experience Him.

He does not want you just to know about His goodness but experience it. To share the experience with others. To encourage people to experience it for themselves. To breathe in the atmosphere of heaven. To drink in His glory. To have your nose assaulted by the smell of His aroma. To taste of His goodness and listen to the sounds of His voice. There is no discord in heaven. The music is beautiful. You can eat of the fruit of heaven. The taste is beyond your wildest imaginations.