He can take you through many doors that lead into different rooms, each room is another experience of His grace. In each room there may be challenges. These challenges will ask questions of you for Him. Bring these questions to Him. For each question you will have to wait for the answer. Each challenge must be faced before you face the next one. This may seem daunting to you, even unattractive but His grace is more than enough for each and every challenge. Each question has an answer but to discover the answer you need to ask the right question. It is more to do with the reason you are asking than the question itself.

He often answers according to the true motive for asking, just look at the way Jesus answered questions. If you get a strange answer to a simple question don’t dismiss it, ask what He means by that. Follow the thread, it is very rarely linear, often a little cryptic. You want to know His ways and you want to know Him. Keep asking and don’t give up. This doesn’t mean He deliberately hides Himself from you. Nor does He talk in riddles to deliberately confuse you. He does everything deliberately to draw you closer to Him. He doesn’t operate like a slot machine.

It takes time to learn to recognise His voice and understand it. To separating out the background noise from His voice. There is plenty of ‘noise’ that wants to attract your attention or distract you. All are very convincing and alluring. That is why He brings you through a maze of questions and challenges so that you learn to know it is Him. The enemy is not clever enough to do that, they cannot follow His logic nor copy His processes. He is bringing you to a place where you can rely on His voice and His alone.

You will be able to listen to His instruction and follow His leading. He cannot and won’t force you. You have to follow of your own accord and do it willingly. He will still convict people of sin. He doesn’t let people off the hook that easily because it is for their good and the good of others. It is for your freedom and for theirs.

Some think trials are a form of punishment or penance for sins committed. You may even think it is controlling or manipulating rather than an opportunity to grow in His grace and favour. Don’t miss out on your upgrade because of a misunderstanding of the purposes of God.