He is providing food for you to eat. The real meat of His word is scarce. He will bring you to a table that has all that you need. You will eat of the choicest foods. There will be food there you didn’t even know you needed. There is even food you never knew existed. It is heavenly in origin. This is all laid out for you. All the while your circumstances are screaming, intimidating and threatening you. You will be seated and you will eat. The angels will wait on you and minister to you. So eat your fill and drink until drunk with the finest wines. For His Spirit is food and drink for you. Sustaining and strengthening you. He will quench your thirst and hunger. You will be completely satisfied.

His ways are perfect. They are perfecting you perfectly. Allow them to have the full effect. When His work in you is being perfected His power is released through you in increasing measure. Make it your aim to continually, seek His face. Don’t let how you feel hinder you from receiving His abundance.

Imagine your faith is like a hot air balloon going up to new heights. It rises because of the heat. That heat is in response to you activating your faith. At other times you just hover where the heat rising from the ground will take you up on thermals. Sometimes it is effortless and at other times you will have to put the effort in. Either way you get to go higher. Learn which is which and when is when. It will be scary but exhilarating. You will feel vulnerable but also perfectly safe at the same time. Enjoy the view, enjoy the experience and above all enjoy Him. You will see what others cannot see because you will see it from His perspective. He has the best view in the house. You will experience what others only dream of.