Get rid of your own plans. Put aside your own personal desires. Abandon your personal ambitions. Let Him take you on a journey into His glory. Allow Him to show you His wonders. Expose yourself to His love. Get to know His heart you will see and understand His purposes for you. You will see His plans for the future of this nation. He needs people who will rise up and carry the mantle further. Many have carried it in the past. Many of those around you have fallen asleep. They are dozing and need waking up.

As they wake up, it will be with a jolt. Some will complain that there was no warning. But at least they are awake. No-one should have slumbered. Be awake. Be alert. Listen to those who can see. Those that have put their heads above the parapet. They see the coming wind and rain. They can see the wave of His Spirit coming. They are sounding the horn announcing the coming King. There is a warning of change to the status quo as His mighty power sweeps through the nation and across the world. Some are starting to experience the beginnings of it.

Don’t strengthen your walls and barriers to protect yourself from the coming changes. Change is inevitable. Don’t harden your heart. A soft heart is needed. Pray for a softening of your heart. Be hungry for the truth. Jesus is The Truth that will set you free. Some may reject the truth, they are rejecting Jesus not you. What you thought was solid will be turned to dust. Only what is His will remain.