The same Holy Spirit is in all of us from the greatest to the least. He wants to work through each and everyone of us. It will look different for each and every one of you. He doesn’t separate out one person being more important or significant than another, we do that quite easily. Our job is to find out what The Holy Spirit wants to do through us and then do it. Making ourselves as available to Him as possible.

It is all about His grace and His passion for you. He is not halfhearted about His love for you but He is fully committed to you. He is eager to show how good He really is. There is no darkness in Him that you have to fear but be in awe of the brightness of His glory. See His majesty and splendour, it will be unbearable.

It is so pure it will make your heart ache and your eyes hurt. You cannot see Him for no man can see Him and live. His glory and His goodness would be too much. He sent His son Jesus that by knowing Him you will know the Father.

How important it is to spend time with Him. He enjoys it and you need it. He hopes that you will enjoy it also. The extent that you believe is the level you pursue something. You first determine in whether it is true and then whether it is attainable.

His heart is to see a church that is a perfect bride with no spot, no wrinkle and no blemish. Fully formed and beautiful. The world is waiting to see her. They will be in awe of her beauty.