Don’t miss the opportunity to know Him as well as you could. Be one of those who truly understand His heart and His desires. Don’t wait for others to pioneer the way. Be a pioneer yourself. Find out who else shares the same passion. There is a difference between seeking what He wants and deciding what you think He needs. You may be well meaning with your heart in the right place. However, good intentions are simply not good enough. He asks you to be led by His Spirit not by the best of intentions.

Passion will get you there but wisdom will make sure you get on the right train.

The Bible talks about a grain of wheat having to die first before it germinates and sprouts. Your desire for your own ministry has to die before it can germinate and fully grow. He wants the conditions to be right. In due time it will bear fruit. He is going to a lot of trouble for you! He is expecting to see lots of fruit from you. He is a brilliant gardener. His pruning can sometimes seem a little ruthless. He certainly is not sentimental. Consider Him an expert in getting the most out of you.

There is no end to His government. There is no limit to His goodness and grace. His favour will rest on you. It is nothing to do with your ability but everything to do with His grace. His dream is that His abundance will be seen in and through you.