Power increases through process but it has more to do with obedience. The disciples were told to wait in Jerusalem until they received power. That was a simple step of obedience. They did not know what was going to happen. All they knew was they had to wait. If you are like me waiting is the hardest part of all. It is where you might miss out on the true power of God by running after something else through impatience. You will have experienced a touch of His power but that is only the start.

It is not about how hard you work for Him. It is about how much faith you have in Him. Do you really believe every word He says to you? Ad if so are you being obedient to that truth. As you get older you have a choice, to become more cynical or more humble. This is exposed when those much younger in the faith find new revelation. What you may find yourself doing is stifle the very works of God. That means you are opposing God. This doesn’t mean He has bypassed you. He is simply looking for those who are humble, willing and teachable. You will miss out if your heart becomes hardened through unbelief.

Worship is the key pure and simple. So wait, be patient and seek His face. Seeking Him is not the same as activity because seeking Him is the act. Don’t try to prove yourself to others. Simply worship with a deep devotion to Him. Hang on His every word. Do not let what He says slip away or be drowned out by the busyness and noise of life. Worship and enjoy Him. He, Himself is your reward. His love will encompass you. His grace will surround you. You will overflow with His love and His compassion for others.

The more time you spend with Him the more you can see and hear Him. You begin to notice it is more about Him and less about you. You will find your frustrations evaporate as you enter His presence. You may think you are the one in greatest need and yet He will ask you to care for others. He is your constant comfort and strength. You will sleep to the sound of His heartbeat. Can you hear it’s rhythm.

He is not an onerous task master. In Him there is complete rest and an abundance of joy. You will find there is peace and in Him is your righteousness. The world in contrast relishes confrontation and strife. It feeds off striving and measures performance. The world will not get you at all. Not until He reveals Himself to them by His Spirit. At which point they will see.