Today is a new day. You are going to be the bringer of good news to the poor and wealthy. You will reveal a God who cares, who loves and is good to all especially to the poor. The poor in spirit, the poor in soul as well as the financially poor.

He has a heart for the poor, they know they need help. They know that it is pointless pretending. Theirs is the kingdom, the rich, the wealthy, the powerful reject what He did on the cross. They reject it because they can see no need. They only see sacrifice and they are unwilling to yield. It is the stubbornness and pride.

He will fill your arms with goodness, mercy and grace. You will give them real food to eat and tell them it is from Him. Their Heavenly Father who cares. Some may be bitter but they will see His goodness and kindness. They will feel His love. He has reserved a special place in His heart for those who humble themselves. They will experience Him in such a way that many theologians would laugh at as fanciful. But Jesus walked amongst them. He ministers to their needs and love them deeply from the heart. From the very throne of God, in all His glory the Father shines His light on them.

He is bringing His Kingdom to pass. There is no shadow, no dark corner, there is only light in Him. He is bringing you to a place where there is nothing else but Him. You cannot do it yourself. You are completely dependent on Him.

You have prayed this many times, wanting to trust Him, believe in Him. It is your heart’s desire, it is all you have ever really wanted. He is here for you. Enter His presence. Enter His glory. You are invited, you are welcome but you have to empty yourself. He will come to you to restore you and strengthen you.

He will not just talk to you in words but demonstrate His goodness, love and mercy to you. You will experience it. You will revel in it and it will sustain you. He is your strength, your joy and your peace.

His hand is on you. His love surrounds you. The world and all circumstances may be against you but He is for you. The world wants to mould you and shape you to conform to its own image. To get you to follow its own set of standards. Following Jesus will take you down a different path. But He will transform you. As you move from your glory to His Glory.

Your food will be to do the will of the One who sent you. The One who has commissioned you. He has revealed Himself to you. There is so much more, you have been given a measure of grace and mercy. He will hold nothing back from you, enter His rest and be assured of His goodness.