The Holy Spirit wants to live and dwell in you. He wants to help you renew your thinking. He will help change your thought patterns. A bit of rewiring needs to take place. He can only show you if you are willing to listen and absorb what He says. You have an inbuilt firewall which filters anything new through what you already know or believe to be true.

To bring about a transformation in you He is going to need access to all areas of your life. Internally and externally.

He is your benchmark. The only true constant in the universe. As you listen to Him it becomes less about information and more about relationship. It is more about trusting Him and trusting in Him.

You will also learn to trust yourself. That is the nature of faith. It looks like something. It is not theoretical. When you use your spirit together with your five senses you are starting to function as He intended. Your physical senses are there for purpose but they are only part of it. There is much more, so much more.

Only through training yourself to hear and by acting on what He says will your confidence increase in Him and yourself increase. He is such a great teacher and you have just enrolled into His school of ministry with a curriculum that has been dovetailed just for you. He knows where you are at, what you need, where you are going and how to get you there. How good is that!