His favour can seem like a mixed blessing. It all depends on how you define it. It all depends on your perspective. His favour isn’t the same as success, comfort or easy. It can look anything but.

He has called you by name. You have been called by His Name. His favour doesn’t make sense to this world. They expect to see increase in money, wealth, power and influence. These are two completely different cultures or realms. They don’t match up. They don’t add up or even overlap.

The natural law of physics doesn’t apply to the Heavenly Kingdom. It has a completely different governmental system. You don’t get to vote. It is not a democracy. He is King by virtue of being the Creator. There is peace and joy, with no strife and striving. A place of permanent peace. There is no worry because there is nothing to worry about. Fear is cast out.

He has called you to a great task. One that is way beyond your capabilities but not beyond His. If you are willing He will demonstrate just how good He is and how wonderfully He can work through you. He will show you how powerful He is and how willing He is to reveal His goodness and kindness. The question is are you willing to enter into His kingdom and live under His rule and reign? He has prepared you for such a time as this. He has kept you hidden and now wants to reveal you. You are His secret weapon to destroy the works of the enemy.

You may not see yourself as anything significant. He does and He is opening a door for you but it is up to you to walk through it. It will take you into another realm. A realm of infinite possibilities. One where the impossible is normal. There is no limit to the increase of His kingdom. See His kingdom increase in your place of influence.

You may feel that you have had a slow start but it has been necessary to prepare your heart for the coming battles. You will war against disease and sickness as well as apathy and indifference. Your interaction with other believers will awaken sleeping giants of faith. Both men and women who have heard the call. Don’t underestimate what He will do through you. Don’t be intimidated by people. Don’t be overawed by circumstances or events.