You do not yet fully understand the depth of His love for you. Don’t be offended nobody does. You will have had some sort of experience of His goodness. It is about to get deeper. There is no end to the joy at being part of His family. There will be no end to His government, rule and reign as it is seen throughout the earth. He will show you just how good He is. His love is relentless. Miracles will be the norm.

You will see the passion of His heart towards His creation. He is loving but not sentimental. He remembers what people have done. He has noted the kindness they have shown to others. Those with a generosity of spirit and soul that give themselves to Him on the behalf of others.

At the bottom of it all He want His church back. He wants the world to see His church in all its glory. Not just a few Sunday morning attenders. He wants people everywhere to see His glory. He has given you everything you need to succeed and to do His will. You lack nothing. For everything that He has is yours. He is perfecting His love in you so that you can talk from first hand experience.

You will describe what that love looks like.

He is no stranger to the wayward nature of man. His desire is to enjoy constant fellowship with His people. Where the depth of intimacy has been superficial in the past. He is bringing a new depth and realism to it. Whereas a few seem to have found it. Now He wants all to enter in and enjoy the benefits of this wonderful relationship. It is unique. There is nothing like it. Don’t think that everyone will receive it gladly. Even when it seems so obviously good. When you experience it for yourself then just be willing to share and demonstrate His desire for all to enter in.

Be encouraged by those who have gone before you but don’t just copy what they do. Seek Him for yourself. It is a personalised relationship. You will receive an anointing for the purpose He created you for. One that is for today and for you in this generation.

Be prepared for an evangelistic spirit to fall on the church. It will take the workplace and the marketplace by surprise. It will burst out of the confines of the four walls of the church building.