Don’t be wowed by charismatic personalities but be in awe of His Presence. You may see yourself as an inconsequential church mouse. That is not healthy nor correct. No matter what your personality type, you are never inconsequential and neither are you too important. Be humble but not false humility. He searches everywhere looking for those He can work through. Those who are humble, which is a characteristic not a personality. There is nothing wrong with having a charismatic or introvert personality. It is what you do with it that matters. In the end it is the heart that really matters. It is always a heart issue first.

Do not disqualify yourself on any level just because you are quiet and reflective. You can still be a burning fire for Him. You are called to rise and shine. Your personality must not become a stumbling block. It doesn’t define you. He has made you the way you are. But the circumstances of life may have reshaped you. Let what He created you to be shine. That means you will have to believe in Him and in yourself.

Promote Him not you. Be humble but do not put yourself down. Be confident but do not exalt yourself. You are never too inconsequential to be of any use. Are you willing to do whatever He asks of you? He is looking for those who are humble in heart but fearless in speech. More power is given to those who use it wisely. Humble yourself under His mighty hand and let Him show you what you are made of.