A healed back

A lady in our church hurt her back while at the gym lifting weights. She was in a lot of pain and struggled to even get her shoes on. After prayer that night from other christians in the church she found that the next day the pain had all but gone and was able to go back to the gym and exercise as normal. The back has remained healed.

Job at last

Someone who had been looking and praying for a permananent job for three years has finally been given one. This is an answer to prayer for many people have been praying. It was part of a process of God dealing with his own heart and attitude.

Lost luggage

After losing his wallet and case full of important dociuments we prayed for its return. A few days later his wallet was returned and then a day or so later his case was returned to him.

Keep praying, keep believing but above keep surrendering to Him. He knows what’s best for you.