Speaking English

When someone from our church was recently visiting a church in Eastern Europe a man started to pray over him. In English. The remarkable thing was he couldn’t speak English and didn’t have a clue what he was praying.

Debts paid off

After receiving a large bill a couple turned to God for help. Tried what they could to pay it themselves. Threw themselves on God, prayed and now the bill is paid in full, early.

Acts of kindness

following a prophetic word about interesting encounters a man was visiting another city in the UK, as he was getting out of his car another car drew up alongside. The lady got out and said to him do you remember me, he said, apologetically ‘no’, you baptised me 30+ years agao. As he got back in his car many hours later another lady asked him the same qusetion with the same apologetic reply and she reminded him that he had helped her through a very difficult time in her life decades ago.

Keys returned

When some very important keys went missing at work. A lady at church was concerned for these lost keys and decided the best form of action was to pray and ask God to find them and return them. Sure enough the keys were found in the pocket of someone who hadn’t even been there and couldn’t possibly of been the person you had misplaced them.