A book once lost

A man had a collection of books, a series on a particular theme by a particular author except for one. There was one missing. To complete the set he needed to find it. Looked everywhere but only the new editions were available and the only one he could find was a first edition for £80. As he was setting off for a walk God told him to go to a particular shop (not a book shop) and he would find it there. He did so and he found all the other books in the series except that one. He assumed he had heard God wrong and went to leave. God said to ask. So he did. One of the shop keepers took him round the back to the store room, picked the book off a shelf and gave it to him. When asked why it wasn’t in the shop, the man said it had been there a long time and if no-one came and asked for it they were about to send it back to the publishers.

Gluten not free

A man gave testimony for still being gluten free. No side effects. The healing continues to be permanent.