He is so very good, but will need to take Him seriously. There is no other way of doing it. He is a righteous God. There is no room for sin. We must flee sin and reject it.

He is utterly holy but in His Holiness He doesn’t reject you but reveals Himself to those who are earnestly, wholeheartedly seeking Him. If you are willing He will make you clean, He will set you free. He tells you to be holy, to stop sinning because He knows you can. The only person who can disagree with Him is you. The enemy also believes you can and does every to convince you otherwise.

When you are hungry you eat? Yet you eat when you are not hungry because you like food. You put on weight because you eat what you do not need and that is the way it is with His church and His people. They are never hungry but keep eating, they devour the preaching but do not exercise their faith, they do not exercise their trust, they don’t even put into practice what they believe and then worry about what they don’t believe or don’t have faith for.

Do the things you can do and work towards those things that you can’t or haven’t done yet. If you are one of those who exercise a lot or you are more fussy about what you eat, you are not eating just for enjoyment but for purpose. When you train for a marathon you do not want to carry excess weight, you get rid of everything that hinders that would slow you down. That is why He asked you to run a marathon for Him, you need to learn to eat properly, exercise properly, get your health back, on a spiritual level as well as a physical and mental. You need to be hungry again and only be satisfied with heavenly food. Your mind, body and spirit is all interconnected.

He is bringing to pass His plans and purposes. His desire is to see you come into all that He has shown you. He has not faltered nor is He hesitating. Everything has been for you to come into your own. He has not held back nor held you back. He is pouring His life into you so that you become more like Him.

You are another facet of His creativity and He enjoys creating new things. He created you for His good pleasure. It gives Him great pleasure when you talk with Him. So don’t perform for Him, animals perform for their master but you are His child. You wouldn’t want your children just to perform for you, you want their affection to be real not just for what they can get out of you. They want you to like them, enjoy them, be there for them, talk to them.

There is nothing He treasures more than when His children are happy, contented and in love. There is no greater feeling than to have a meaningful relationship. He has too few of His children not bothering to listen to Him or talk with Him. Spend time with Him, there is no other way.

Don’t be on a power trip because you see Him purely as a power source. That is such a shame. You can have such fun together with Him sharing the life He created. Draw close to Him, don’t perform. Have meaningful conversations, don’t use empty words and meaningless phrases. Mean what you say and say what you mean.

He has much to say and you need ears to hear. Many of those who truly know Him are just good listeners. They wait on His every word of command based on friendship, fellowship and love. He knows He can call on them. Can He call on you? Strengthen your relationship no matter how you feel or what is happening around you.

Learn to be a good listener and a brilliant doer.