Whatever He has given you to do, now is the time to do it. If you are waiting for Him, it is more likely He is waiting for you. Don’t dither, just do. Be devoted to one purpose. He sees your heart, He sees your desires and they will please Him when yielded to Him. He has been waiting a long time for you to turn your affection to Him. When you do you become ready to receive more of His power. So rest in Him, believe in Him and believe in yourself. Believe the authority He has given you. You are no longer to be tossed to and fro by shifting ideas.

Your feet are firmly on solid ground. Don’t let what others think about you undermine what He thinks about you. It is more important what He says about you than what others may say about you. Think His thoughts for His passion is for you. He loves spending time with you. You are a joy and a delight to Him and you need to recognise it and believe it. See Him in others and they will start to see Him in themselves. People will listen and open up if they know they are accepted and loved. Accept people especially when they have messed up.

If you ask Him to speak to you don’t be afraid of what He may say. Don’t dismiss what He thinks about you. Don’t be afraid to be real and honest because you fear rejection. You may be afraid what would happen if anyone, especially God, ever found out what you were really like. Believe me He already know and if He is gracious enough to love you so should you love yourself and others with a genuine love.

You cannot believe in others if you cannot believe in yourself. If you believe in Him and He believes in you, then balance the equation, believe in yourself. Whether you are acutely aware of your limitations or blissfully unaware, He will turn them into a strength in such a way that you could never do. He knows you so well. What you thought was impossible, is possible. What you thought had you written off, is instead, the promise of hope.

Seek Him first and foremost. Do not be a slave to your work or ministry no matter how noble. Don’t live for others but only live for Him. Whatever you ask Him for He will give you more. Stay close to Him, seek Him and never stop. He has wonderful plans which have already been put into action. He has sent His angels ahead of you, so declare what He has given you and give the angels something to work with. Your words have power and they have life.