Do you Hunger and thirst for the living God? Do you seek His forgiveness and mercy which He gives willingly. Be compassionate when He shows you compassion. Be patient because He is so patient with you. Fill up on His love daily and let His joy overflow to others. His nature is the purest form of joy and His very nature is in you by The Holy Spirit. You were invaded when you were born again. He lives and resides in you.

Not everyone perceives His presence. Many think the Holy Spirit is yet to show up. He has already come and is waiting for you to turn, look and listen. Every believer, every son and daughter of God has His Holy Spirit living within them. When you see Him demonstrate signs, wonders and miracles your awareness of His presence is heightened. You are possessed by The Spirit of love, joy, and peace. He cannot be or do anything else. He is not a supernatural force that can be used against the enemy like in Star Wars. He is not a weapon or a tool. Neither is He just a feeling or a sensation. He knows, He feels, He sees, He touches and He listens.

He so much wants to interact with you. Believe it or not He wants to talk and listen to you. Imagine that, the God of creation wants to sit down with you and talk and chat. If you want Him to work with and through you, you will need to get to know Him well. He really loves you and enjoys being with you. He has not left you an orphan. Neither has He left you helpless. That would be so negligent of Him. The Holy Spirit will tell you what God is thinking about. He will reveal what is on God’s heart. He won’t strive against you nor try to control you.

The best thing you can do is to yield to Him. Allow Him free reign. So that you work with Him, not against Him. You are meant to enjoy a very special relationship which is found nowhere else on earth. It is not about how good or bad you are. He doesn’t point out what you have gone wrong or where you failed. We’re already really good at that. That is simply the world’s way of doing things: which makes us feel we are never good enough.

It is not about what you can’t do but what you can do. It isn’t what you have succeeded at or failed at, it is simply what He sees you are capable of. You are not bound by the world’s system. The good news is you have the freedom to do what is right. He knows your heart and He knows your love. He also know what you struggle with. He is more than willing to help if you let Him. He wants to help and make life work for you. Keep on the path that leads to greater intimacy with Him. You will find that much of what weighed you down, slowed you up or hindered you will simply evaporate.

Don’t tackle these things head on. Let Him do the fighting for you. You have the power and ability to resist temptation, so just resist. Offer the sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving which is what you do when you don’t feel like it. You don’t have to live in despair and you never, ever, ever have to give up. He is more than capable of sustaining you and strengthening you.

Take control over what you listen to. Watch what you watch. You can rise above the lies of your apparent failures. Your self-destruct feelings are no longer your master. You are getting ever closer to the fulfilment of your deepest desires and needs. He has a wonderful inheritance for you. His reward is joy in its purest form and peace in every and all situations.