Personal authority is to do with your free will. His authority is an option available to you. When you lay down your own will at His feet and allow His rule and reign you adopt His. You will still exercise authority but it will be His authority not yours. His authority is much better. You can only do this willingly. Any other way is coercion, manipulation and control and He doesn’t do any of those.

Exercise this authority and use it to bless and encourage others. You can liberate and set people free from hopelessness. If you just rely on your own authority you will have a measure of influence but is limited and unreliable.

He wants His people to know the depth of His love for them. He wants them to know how special they are to Him. He wants them to see His glory in their lives. To have their freedom and be liberators of others. He has delivered all of us on the cross. He has made the way for us to walk in freedom. He is The Way. The only way.