Rest and be assured that He is able to meet all your needs. There is nothing He is not able and willing to do. He can work out every detail. There is no lack, no mistakes, He is perfect in every way.

He is a God of abundant grace. He is the God of overwhelming compassion and love. There is no one like Him. No-one to compare. We cannot make any comparisons because nothing will never match up to Him. No matter even if you combine all their acts of kindness they still fall far short of His goodness. His love is utterly perfect. All the joy in the world will still look miserable compared to His joy. He lacks nothing and He offers everything to you. You have access to everything He has and everything He is. We are His children.

We cannot afford to have a slave mentality because that brings up drudgery, hardship and strife. He gave you free will. You are meant to be free not enslaved by your fears, worries or doubts.

If you want to please Him. Please Him as a son and daughter. Never needing to strive for His approval. Nor trying to impress Him with your works and your effort. You do not earn extra merits for being good. He rewards those who earnestly seek Him and those who hunger and thirst to be like Him. To demonstrate His power so they can share His goodness and kindness through signs, wonders and miracles. Not comparing themselves with others. There is no room for sibling rivalry. Everyone has an equal opportunity in His kingdom. Everyone is deeply loved and cared for.

You are part of His family. What He offers you is free to all. You all get the same inheritance no matter what your station in life. It is not about your gifting or ability, or even your achievements. Those who learn the secret of His kingdom will be given more because they have found the key to multiplication, rather than manipulation.