He knows the way because He is The Way

He wants you to experience the full power of His Majesty. To do so He is taking you out of your comfort zone. You will find yourself saying that you have never had to trust Him like this before. It almost feels as if He has abandoned you and you will crave more confirmation. This is fine and quite understandable but this is all about trust and leaning on Him. Trust is exactly what it says on the tin. He will give you confirmation if you are willing to lay aside everything and not shrink back from following Him. Take Him seriously and He will take your request seriously.

Somethings can look very inviting when viewed from certain angles. We have a tendency to want to look at it from all angles before making a decision. It is not about weighing up the pros and cons, you could do that forever. It is more important that you decide in your heart beforehand that you are going to follow Him before you talk yourself out of it. Does this no matter what. Do not have a plan B as a backup. There is no ‘just in case’. Decide which is more important: the discomfort that comes from change or the dread of never changing? Do you want abundant life?

A lot of this is about there here and now. The decisions and choices you make here and now have ramifications for the eternal. If you have no thought to the eternal then you are going to live only for now and not then. To put it another way your life does not end when you die, you will live for eternity based on your heart decision here and now.

You do not need to work everything out. In fact don’t try to work it out. He will do that for you. He has already done that. Don’t waste your energy on all the little details and problems that pop up in your mind. Just look at Him and look to Him. He is a great problem solver. He already has the solution to your problems before they happen. As quickly as you can create them He has already solved them. He is your provision and a wonderful provider. There is nothing He lacks and there is nothing too difficult for Him. Are you one of those He is looking for? Are you someone who is a culture changer. He wants to know if you are and are you willing to change. He wants His church back. He wants His people back.

They have been shielded from Him for too long. He is going to break any chains that keep you from your destiny. You will be released into His glory and encounter His presence. Nothing will hold you back. His presence is so powerful that no-one can stand in it. You will begin to see the bigger picture unfolding and your place in it. Don’t be shackled again to rules and principles created by a culture of performance but be free to live by His Spirit. This is not to make you a free agent but to live in perfect community with others. The freedom to love with deep compassion for those who are around you who do not know the love He has for them.

You will be committed to people in a true and meaningful way. Not just fellow church attenders on a Sunday morning. You will be free to live a life of righteousness and goodness. They will recognise that you are a person of incredible peace and joy. Well meaning people have tried to take you there. But it has been much like the blind leading the blind. Don’t miss the opportunity. Follow Him for He knows where He is taking you. What is more, He can guarantee that you will get there. He knows the way because He is The Way.