Whatever church you go to (if any) He is reconciling all to Himself. He will restore all things. He is coming back for one bride not lots of them. When this happens the world will marvel. All it has seen so far is division. There will be greater joy and peace but there will also be resistance. The world will see its own influence wane in the face of God’s powerful love. The church will grow rapidly offering true hope.

Jesus promised that there would be persecutions and opposition. When this happens it will be a challenging time for believers. It will come in many forms. At this time keep your focus on Him. Keep your eyes on Him and not on what you see happening around you. This is not to create fear, worry or anxiety. It is an urgent call to get right with God. Settle it in your heart, once and for all, that you are going to serve Him and Him alone.

When you make a wholehearted decision you will be in a position to be a great help to those in need around you. Trust only in God and He will know that He can trust you with true riches. He will not hold anything back from you. He is already on your side. Your choice is to be on His side. His joy is not based on what He sees but on what He knows.