As you see beyond the obvious your understanding starts to deepen. What you experience with your five senses are based on this realm. However, the physical realm is subservient to the spiritual realm. The spiritual realm is more real and more powerful than this one. Jesus could walk through walls into a room because His reality was greater than the physical one. To understand the spiritual realm requires a determination to find the truth. The Holy Spirit has made you aware of the spiritual realm but it is up to you to seek it out.

To understand the realm of the Spirit you need the help of the smartest person in the universe. The Holy Spirit. He is willing to guide and show you. An intellectual or academic approach is too limiting, just studying the bible without His help, explanation or revelation means you will have some head knowledge but lack experiential knowledge. It isn’t enough to know about the heavenly kingdom, it has to be experienced, daily.

You may have seen manifestations and you may have heard testimonies from around the world and read examples in church history. But the reality for you and me, in a western culture can seem a long way away. God is most impressive is when He does things using the ordinary and mundane. Although my experience don’t always match my desire I have not given up hope of seeing more of His glory. His glory can be defined as ‘doing only what He can do’ not what we can do. He is looking for those who simply fall on their faces in worship, praise and adoration of Him no matter what rubbish they are going through.

The spiritual realm is not one that can easily be understood with the mind nor be articulated easily with words. The human mind cannot fully comprehend it. There are so many unfamiliar reference points and landmarks. It can all look quite scary and seems safer to leave it well alone, except you can’t. There is no grid for it. Our default is to explain and understand everything with logic or within the laws of science. Saying that, we do have imagination and a capacity to live with mystery. We generally don’t build our lives on it. Cold, hard facts is what we stand on, or so we think. The spiritual realm is more solid than this one. It is just hard to imagine but it is possible to experience.

Many see heaven as somewhere safely on the other side of death but fail to realise that you are experiencing it now. The scientific approach to life in the west tends to want us to have an explanation for everything. Ideally a nice straightforward universal equation. That is, an equation that explains everything. Scientists spend their whole life and careers seeking to have a unified theory to explain how everything works. People often fear what they don’t understand suspicious of what they cannot explain. They expect God to behave according to our rules and principles. That makes Him safe. God is anything but safe.

We really want Him to be predictable and that He would behave in the same way we would. If you believe that God only behaves like you expect Him to I suggest you take a closer look at the Bible. Remember you were made in His image not the other way round. You are more different than you think and more alike than you realise.