Unity is often cited as an expression of uniformity. Where everyone has to conform to a strict pattern of beliefs. Conformity stifles creativity. He needs Holy Spirit inspired creative people who can express His creativity. He needs skilled people with a variety of gifts. He wants you to build His house according to His plans. His plans include you. You are strategic to His purposes, so don’t copy, get His original blueprint. Don’t conform because the pressure is on to build just like all the other houses, in the same style. There is no creativity in that.

He wants to release you from being prisoners to uncreative conformity. Do not conform to the pattern of this world or a religious mindset. He wants you to be free in Jesus. Jesus came to set people free, in more ways than one. There is always pressure to conform so that you will fit in nicely. To do so stifles His creativity. Ask Him how you can express His creativity. If there is an intractable problem He always has a solution, a wonderful elegant, creative solution. He is the most creative person in the universe. A very creative one.