At one time you used your imagination to satisfy your own desires and plans. You lived to serve your own ambitions. But they never satisfied. With Him, however, it is completely different. You will create masterpieces of living work. His creative talents will be seen in your hands. You will bring peace where there was discord. Releasing His good pleasure to heal. With real blessings and encouragement for other people. For this is not just for your benefit.

Enter His Presence. You can never appreciate what He has for you unless you do. It cannot be found simply by knowing it. You can read about it. Going to conferences won’t cut it either. But until you enter His kingdom it will just be theory. You may consider yourself to be very knowledgeable about it. You may even consider yourself as an expert. But only someone who has experienced His kingdom rule and reign can talk about it with authority. His kingdom is more than words. His kingdom is power. His kingdom is real authority. His kingdom is accessible.

There is a door. Jesus is that door. Being humble and thankful is your password.

Do you want to talk about someone else’s experience or your own?Do you want to experience it for yourself? Do you want it badly enough that you are willing to sell everything? Are you willing to go anywhere or do anything to have it? Those are the questions He is asking you. What price are you willing to pay for something that is priceless.