He is preparing you now for a future time. A time where you will be overwhelmed by a love for others. You will run the risk of exhaustion. He is showing you how you can manage it. One of the keys are maintaining deep times with Him.

To sustain yourself will in some cases be practical ordinary things. Watching what you eat. Learning to resting well. Keeping your body healthy through physical exercise. Exercising your mind to keep it healthy and active. Above all to strengthen your spirit and for that you need The Spirit’s help. He needs you at full strength for what He wants you to do. Do not run on empty, you don’t have to. He will show you where your limits are. It doesn’t mean there won’t be heavy demands placed on you but He wants you to be strong enough to handle them. He is not trying to make you into something you are not but He will help you push those limits.

Don’t go searching for a model to copy but be yourself. Originals are worth more than copies. Be the you He made you to be. Understand that you have qualities that He has put in you for a very good reason. Those qualities will become more apparent as time goes on. He is building resilience into you so that you will not be easily affected. If you think you are failing or a failure then stop it. Stop that thought dead in its tracks. Everything around you is for a purpose and for purpose. You don’t have to understand it all to appreciate what He is doing and what He is like. But you do have to trust Him in the now and not just in the then.

Ask of Him what you will and He will answer according to His will for you. For His plans and purposes are bearing fruit even though He knows you cannot see them yet. One reason is that it isn’t the fruit you weren’t necessarily expecting to see. Be patient and be ready for rapid growth and rapid change. If you are not you could be caught out.

He knows your desires and He knows your frustrations. Everything will be fulfilled in the fullness of time. Just believe. Trust, wait and seek. The layers of lies and unbelief will unravel. Your eyes will see The Truth. You will see Him. A clearer picture of yourself will emerge and you will see what a beautiful bride the church is and will be.

He knows you want to know what He is really like. Too much too soon will blow your mind. Slowly and surely you will find out. The more time you spend with Him the closer you will be to Him. He is not that hard to find but you will have to seek Him out and look to Him.