He is releasing you from the past. That act changes your future. By forgiving someone who has hurt you in the past you have affected the outcome of that incident. You have changed your history and transformed your future. The timeline from that event to the present day has changed. The pain of the intervening years has been erased.

Be a powerful person. For His power is His nature, His heart. It isn’t a lifeless force it is His Spirit. His power is a demonstration of His love. You heart yearns for miracles, healings and a demonstration of His Presence. You want to see the dead raised, the sick healed, demons kicked out of people. You long to see people set free from torment, from guilt, sin and shame.

It may seem that you are the only one who wants that. That would seem lonely if it were not for Him. Some people may not understand the passion you have. But the lost, the hurting, the lame, the sick will love you because they will see that your heart is the very heart of God. Your passion and love is for Him first. Then let it overflow to others. That love is one and the same. That love for Him and for others is intertwined. You cannot love Him without loving others and you cannot love others with first loving Him.

Set your mind and heart to discover the secrets of fellowship with Him and the power that is in that relationship. This love and His grace is not a physical power governed by the laws of nature. It is a spiritual power derived from a life giving Spirit. It is ultimately more powerful than anything you can see around you. It overrides the natural realm every time. When you grasp this you will speak with a confidence and authority you never knew you had.

His power is made perfect in weakness. You may not be strong and powerful as the world sees and measures it. Yet you are strong and powerful in His eyes and even in the eyes of the enemy. The enemy fears and trembles at what you have become and what you are capable of. The enemy is determined to thwart you by tipping you off balance. The angels are longing to see the outcome and result of your power encounter with Him. Be prepared for battle. Be prepared for war. With the sure knowledge of victory and certainty that Jesus is already the winner. Choose to follow the victor. His blood was spilt for such a time as this. Go and bring life to this world. You are a blessing to many.