There is a power encounter for those who believe. Don’t doubt His word, don’t doubt Him. Do not shrink back from the challenges ahead. For He will not be pleased because of the grace He has extended to you. You may find it hard to confront the status quo in your life. He is not asking you to like it. He is not expecting you to find it easy but He is asking you to do it. This is all because He wants His church back. He wants to show you and the world His glory through demonstrating His goodness and kindness. But He cannot do this when people will not trust Him or believe in Him.

He is looking for those who are dissatisfied with the status quo and who are hungry for Him. If you actively seek His glory and not your own He will glorify Himself in you and glorify you. You will do signs, wonders and miracles, all because He wants every heart to belong to Him.