We justify what we believe and therefore our decisions are justifiable. We resist change especially if it is uncomfortable but change is inevitable. Nothing stays the same. It is better to embrace it. When you meet Him everything changes. This is a good thing. Even if in the short term it looks less than appealing.

Let Him be God to you in every situation. Always be completely humble. Allow Him to do a work of grace in your life. He will turn your upside down world the right way up.

Life is meant to be lived to the full. That means being fully immersed in Him. You then have a true perspective on life. Which means you can enjoy a wonderful and rich relationship with Him. Do not let anything come between you and God. Nothing now or ever. Let nothing tell you that you are missing out by following Jesus. Just be faithful to Him and you will experience heaven.

For heaven is here and now and not some distant future. Seek Him more than you seek anything else. Let Him be your driving force. Let Him be your passion.

Use your time wisely, get yourself ready. Watch and pray. The devil prowls around to see whom he can devour. If you stand your ground and he will run away from you. Do you know why? It is because he sees who is standing behind you. Your confidence will grow exponentially when you realise who is with you.

You have a measure of power and influence. Learn how to use it well for yourself and not forgetting to bless others. Whatever you are expecting don’t be disappointed. Do what He gives you to do. Do what is in front of you. The key is just doing what He asks you to do no matter how mundane or simple it may seem.

When you do the simple things He asks you to do you are using that key. For when you turn the key. That is when the power flows. The key to success is the willingness to let go of everything. No matter how dear it is to you. Let go and serve His purposes.

When you do this you will receive His power in increasing measure. His life will overflow to many. It will be a torrent not a trickle. You will have an impact on everything and everyone. If that doesn’t thrill you, what will?