He is going to help you operate in the gifts of the Spirit. To bring healing and health as well as signs and wonders. These will follow you. You will not be led by them. You are led only by His Presence and by His Spirit. Fasting and prayer brings powerful results but must not become ritualistic. It is not formulaic, it is relational. He wants you to do both, it is a lifestyle, it expresses your heart’s desire.

Your walk with Him isn’t based on your ability. You are the one He has chosen to release His goodness. People will see nothing in you except His grace and His power. They may even be a little disappointed because they would love to put you on a pedestal. You don’t have to be something you’re not. Be comfortable with who you are and don’t let them mould you into their own image. Don’t conform to what you should be expected to be like. Be you, be the one He made you to be. Listen intently to His Holy Spirit. You are closer to what He intended you to be than you think.

The world projects an image of self-confidence. Where skills and abilities are the template for a successful ministry. People constantly measure themselves and compare their ministry against others. He does not want you to wander down that path which makes it hard because you won’t fit in. Your desire is to please Him not your peers or even your leaders. He is encouraging you at every turn to throw off the shackles that bind you to a performance driven lifestyle. This is quite deliberate because He wants you for Himself.

He knows that you can be very disappointed with yourself. Don’t be because He is not disappointed in you. He loves you passionately and He wants to make His abode with you. Are you willing to be the one who will listen to Him and happily do everything He asks? If you are then you will experience Him first hand not through someone else’s experience. You will see His acts and you will know His ways. His heart is open to you and you will be welcome to share in His heart.