Transforming power

He wants you to know how much He loves you even through the many difficulties and challenges you have faced. Use them to make yourself stronger and more reliant on Him. Make yourself more aware of His goodness by training yourself to see it. He is filling you with His transforming power. It will mark a change in you, it will mark you out. It is the difference between those who want to carry on with their own ways and those who listen to His Spirit and respond to His voice.

His desire and dream is that His goodness will overflow to many. So that His Spirit and His nature is poured into many hearts. He wants a people bursting with joy and thanksgiving. Working amazing miracles and performing signs and wonders to draw people to Him but the greatest desire will be for His Presence.

Transformation will be most evident when people’s hearts are ready to receive His goodness. Some will still try to earn it by trying hard to please Him their way not His ways. I encourage you to rest in Him for He is all you need. His grace extends to you regardless of your life choices. Grace is there because of your decisions whether deliberately self-destructive or otherwise. This grace doesn’t stop when you became a believer. It helps you to make the right choices and decisions through choosing a lifestyle that reflects His forgiveness and goodness. He does not want to control you but He does want to win you over with His love. He is incredibly gentle and patient. He brings correction for your own good. He loves you as you are but loves you too much to leave you like that.

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Don’t be put off

Your passion may offend some but don’t offend people for the sake of it. You are unique, so don’t copy anyone but rather imitate those who are more passionate than you.

The gospel that is preached and demonstrated will tear people up. The gospel will expose people’s attitudes and they will be confronted with decisions they don’t want to make. A seed sown can be quickly forgotten, buried. Whatever He has called you to do, do it and in so doing you will demonstrate the Father Heart of God. You will surprised who will receive it gladly.

Even though people will see His power, some will reject it because they do not want a God like that. They want to fashion one in their own image. A god that is safe not a God of the here and now. They want a God that is easily influenced and not one they will have to give an account to.

His deep desire is for a church that responds to Him and follows the leading of His Spirit. The gospel will be taken to people who are supposedly unreachable, unteachable and even called enemies of God. Society is full of people hungry for Him but have been rejected. These are people who won’t question His power. They won’t argue about grace. Instead they will warmly embrace His deep and sincere love for them.

When you see who turns up at the banquet He has prepared it is going to be surprising. Your motives may be questioned and your doctrine challenged. May even question whether it is from God when these wonderful people come into the kingdom. Just be prepared. The people He will bring may seem to be a little bit unorthodox. You may be very surprised who He showers His grace on and how He does it. He wants you to see how many ways He can demonstrate His goodness to the world.

Listen to His Spirit. He is training you how to get what you need. Don’t worry about your weaknesses or failings. Just don’t let what others may think about you stop you from being an encouragement. His DNA is in you, it is His passion that is burning. Don’t put the fire out. Refrain from quenching it. Learn to be free to express the purity of His heart and don’t be afraid to display His glory for all to see. You are doing it out of love for Him and with His love for others.

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Powerful confrontation

There is a power encounter for those who believe. Don’t doubt His word, don’t doubt Him. Do not shrink back from the challenges ahead. For He will not be pleased because of the grace He has extended to you. You may find it hard to confront the status quo in your life. He is not asking you to like it. He is not expecting you to find it easy but He is asking you to do it. This is all because He wants His church back. He wants to show you and the world His glory through demonstrating His goodness and kindness. But He cannot do this when people will not trust Him or believe in Him.

He is looking for those who are dissatisfied with the status quo and who are hungry for Him. If you actively seek His glory and not your own He will glorify Himself in you and glorify you. You will do signs, wonders and miracles, all because He wants every heart to belong to Him.

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Prisoner to uncreative thinking

Unity is often cited as an expression of uniformity. Where everyone has to conform to a strict pattern of beliefs. Conformity stifles creativity. He needs Holy Spirit inspired creative people who can express His creativity. He needs skilled people with a variety of gifts. He wants you to build His house according to His plans. His plans include you. You are strategic to His purposes, so don’t copy, get His original blueprint. Don’t conform because the pressure is on to build just like all the other houses, in the same style. There is no creativity in that.

He wants to release you from being prisoners to uncreative conformity. Do not conform to the pattern of this world or a religious mindset. He wants you to be free in Jesus. Jesus came to set people free, in more ways than one. There is always pressure to conform so that you will fit in nicely. To do so stifles His creativity. Ask Him how you can express His creativity. If there is an intractable problem He always has a solution, a wonderful elegant, creative solution. He is the most creative person in the universe. A very creative one.

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How much passion can you handle? How much compassion can you contain? You shouldn’t be containing it. It should be flowing out of you like a river overflowing its banks. Find an outlet for your passion. If you do not it the will pressure build up. It can cause frustration and striving if you don’t find a constructive way to express it. He is releasing more of His power but it flows through those who are passionate and hungry. He is not looking for perfection He knows He will never find it on earth. He is looking for willing hearts who will lay down everything for the sake of His gospel, for Him.

His love for you knows no bounds, there is literally no limit, no end to it. If you draw close to Him you will hear His heart beat. What is stopping you? Is it fear of failure? Is it crippling low self esteem? A sense of inadequacy? Non of these are an excuse because He has set you free to be free. He has given you words to speak and things to do. Do not hold back. He is giving you freedom, take it and run with it.

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Healing and strength

He brings healing in areas you cannot bring health to yourself. You can activate it by responding to His word over you. As you believe the truth you reject the lie. Darkness cannot exist where there is light. Darkness is the absence of light. He believes is in you. He believes that you will come through with flying colours. All of your needs will be fully met. Those deepest desires will be satisfied in Him. It is His Spirit, not your ability, nor your own strength. Ask of Him anything you want and He will go to the Father and He will give it to you.

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Logical faith

Don’t be discouraged but rejoice. Know that I am here, with you and for you, constantly throughout the day. You didn’t come to Me out of a feeling or a thought. You came to Me because you believed so why try to work Me out, why decipher Me based on how you feel.

To know Me you have to believe. You think you have to understand Me to know Me. To prove Me, My existence. You didn’t believe out of logic so why are you trying to prove it with logic.

I multiplied bread and it multiplied. Where did the bread come from? Was it real bread? It wasn’t grown in a field, it wasn’t ground in a barn, it wasn’t baked in an oven. Yet you believe the story to be true.

So how is it that you struggle to see beyond the possible. Did those who had more faith have more or better bread? Did they deserve to see and witness the miracle? Were their hearts right?

Only one thing was certain, they were hungry and I fed them. They were not all spiritually hungry. Some didn’t even know why they were there. Yet they listened and were fed.

Believe in Me.

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Overflow to others

He longs to draw close to you, to enjoy fellowship with you. He is heartbroken when His people show so much indifference. He longs to see your face looking at His. To see your love grow and His compassion overflow to others through you. Nothing compares to His generous love.

Because of the terrible lies of the enemy many prefer to be kept in the dark simply because they are afraid of the light. What is worse there are those who keep others from seeing the light of His glory. When your security is in yourself then you act out of that insecurity but when it is in Him then you are free. He is the only constant in the Universe. Even when your desire is to show His love to people there will be those who will still oppose you. Look at Jesus, He warned us that they will treat us just the same as they treated Him. He was an example of what pure love looks like. They will resist you and reject you because of Him. Do not be surprised at that.

But what is your response going to be? The answer is simple, love with passion, His passion. Don’t call down fire and judgement on people just because they give you are hard time or disagree with you. Everyone is ultimately answerable to Him, leave them with Him and focus on what He has put in front of you. You are responsible for your own actions not those of others. Proclaim the Good News. Show people His goodness and extend His grace. He has so much to share and enough to go round. He has so much to reveal to you, just keep your ears and eyes open, watch and pray. Many things will happen but it will not necessarily be linear or logical. Some things will happen all at the same time. In all of this His kind of wisdom is needed, so avoid jumping to conclusions and stop trying to fix problems in your own effort. Whatever you see The Holy Spirit doing there will be significance in it.

Remain faithful to Him for He will manoeuvre you into places of influence. That is not the same as positions of authority. You are meant to affect the culture around you. People will listen to you because they too will know that God, in some way, is with you. Some will try to undermine what you are doing but He will find a way. Don’t let your hearts (or your feelings) be troubled. You will laugh at situations with Him because it will seem so ridiculous. You will see things as He sees them as if through His eyes, for His power will rest on you as you rest in Him. In all this have complete trust in Him.

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The view is wonderful

He is providing food for you to eat. The real meat of His word is scarce. He will bring you to a table that has all that you need. You will eat of the choicest foods. There will be food there you didn’t even know you needed. There is even food you never knew existed. It is heavenly in origin. This is all laid out for you. All the while your circumstances are screaming, intimidating and threatening you. You will be seated and you will eat. The angels will wait on you and minister to you. So eat your fill and drink until drunk with the finest wines. For His Spirit is food and drink for you. Sustaining and strengthening you. He will quench your thirst and hunger. You will be completely satisfied.

His ways are perfect. They are perfecting you perfectly. Allow them to have the full effect. When His work in you is being perfected His power is released through you in increasing measure. Make it your aim to continually, seek His face. Don’t let how you feel hinder you from receiving His abundance.

Imagine your faith is like a hot air balloon going up to new heights. It rises because of the heat. That heat is in response to you activating your faith. At other times you just hover where the heat rising from the ground will take you up on thermals. Sometimes it is effortless and at other times you will have to put the effort in. Either way you get to go higher. Learn which is which and when is when. It will be scary but exhilarating. You will feel vulnerable but also perfectly safe at the same time. Enjoy the view, enjoy the experience and above all enjoy Him. You will see what others cannot see because you will see it from His perspective. He has the best view in the house. You will experience what others only dream of.

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Be prepared

Be prepared for the fire from heaven. A revival fire. A fire that will burn up all the rubbish. He will bring revelation to you. It will reveal more about you. It will also show you a glimpse of His glory. He will release His goodness to you and through you. This will only increase as you yield your heart to Him. Don’t compromise or become stingy in your affections for Him. He does not do or say anything to worry you. But you may be alarmed when He takes you straight into the heat of the battle. He wants you to be sober minded in the hope that you will seek Him for who He is not for what He can provide. Seek Him with all of your heart.

The spiritual realm is difficult to see because the world has blinded people. As your eyes are healed you will begin to see the wonderful truth of His love. You will see the blessings waiting to roll out and be poured into your lap.

All your challenges seem to be the external. The people you live and work with or the circumstances around you. However, it is the internal world which provides the greatest challenge of all. The events happening inside of you. The thoughts, feelings and desires that you have can all drive you to distraction and pull you away from Him.

Listen carefully to Him. Look intently at what He is doing. There is evidence of His handiwork but it can be as small as a mustard seed. His finger prints are on everything but barely visible. Have eyes to see and ears to hear. keep searching and keep seeking. Persistence will get you there. Find ways to empower and encourage people around you as you demonstrate His love and kindness. Encourage them to recognise His incredible goodness.

Lots of meetings does not guarantee anything. One meeting with Him changes everything. Only when people come humbly and wholeheartedly to a meeting does relationship happen. Bring your walk with God not a mask. Bring your passion and hunger for Him and you will share in the feast together. There is a certain type of power and anointing displayed in a corporate gathering. The faith or doubt of a group has a powerful affect. See what happened to Jesus. Play your part by preparing yourself. There is an individual response which has a collective impact. Train yourself to listen and open your eyes to see. Don’t think you know everything or even a lot. Be willing to spend a lifetime learning.

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